Female Foeticide

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Your father subdues any effort

your mother tries to make to keep you alive.

He’s a typical dominating male

from a narrow- minded patriarchal family.

He won’t let you live.

But you aren’t even born yet.

You think you’re safe

inside your mother’s thick belly.

Your mother knows you’re not.

He won’t let you step out into this world.

Because he’s not what you expected.

You’re not the one he desires.

He won’t tolerate you for 9 long months.

Because he wants a boy.

And that’s where everything changes.


22 thoughts on “Female Foeticide

  1. You have written a tough and thoughtful piece; I like your careful choice of words – very spare, chiming with the theme. “Subdues” works really well, doesn’t it?
    I’m not sure how far this is an issue in Arab countries. Yes, there is some mistreatment of girls and women and yes, families may wish for a son to “carry on” the family line and name, but this isn’t quite the same thing. I think it’s more of a problem in Asia. Since I first came to know the Middle East in the 1970s I have noted the number of women in positions of prominence, even power; in the universities they were ahead of women in the UK in terms of academic appointments in the ’70s. Education is the key.

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