Light a Candle 

Light a candle on the grave of our love,

sit there and weep a little.

And while you weep 

beg the universe to forgive you,

for you had broken a heart and

remember while you curse yourself

that forgiveness ain’t cheap.



25 thoughts on “Light a Candle 

      1. Yeah I totally understand and really appreciate your concern but it’s not what you think. I’m a very happy person but it’s just that I can write about painful things because I feel I can relate to such things a lot better.

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      2. I’m nothing thinking anything….. Not did I say, you aren’t a happy person….. What I meant was….a beautiful girl like you writing such things, isn’t good for health…..You may be good at relating such things…..but…….. Don’t want to say anything more now…… Just understand what I mean…..

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