Words or Silence?


Note To A Friend 

​Don’t suppress your feelings. At least not to your self. You’re allowed to feel vulnerable, sad and confused. You need to know how you feel. Don’t tell yourself you’re fine when you know how badly hurt or miserable you are. You need to be honest with yourself, only then you’ll be able to figure out how to fix yourself.

Female Foeticide

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Your father subdues any effort

your mother tries to make to keep you alive.

He’s a typical dominating male

from a narrow- minded patriarchal family.

He won’t let you live.

But you aren’t even born yet.

You think you’re safe

inside your mother’s thick belly.

Your mother knows you’re not.

He won’t let you step out into this world.

Because he’s not what you expected.

You’re not the one he desires.

He won’t tolerate you for 9 long months.

Because he wants a boy.

And that’s where everything changes.

Stop Playing Victim

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He had no intention of staying

yet you took ‘no’ as his ‘yes’.

His rejection as his approval

his empty lies as his promises.

His lust as his love

his want as his need.

Because all this time

you weren’t concerned about him

or about what he wanted or

what he was doing to you.

You were concerned about yourself

about what you wanted.

Because you needed him

or maybe you just wanted someone.

You were being selfish

you were thinking about yourself.

Because you were too afraid to be alone.

So how can you blame him

for something, you did to yourself.

How can you blame him for breaking your heart

when you are the reason for your misery

This time, you won’t get the chance to play the victim like you always have.