Lost Motherhood

Image result for shutterstock image for hospital bed

Unfinished cup of coffee on the table

Unfinished romance, unfinished love

Unfinished words and unfinished sentences

Unfinished dreams on a hospital bed

Half awake on an unfinished night.

Unfinished sweater that she stopped knitting

Because of an unfinished womb of an unfinished mother

All those things that could never make it.


32 thoughts on “Lost Motherhood

      1. Like me .. let me guess what you might think .. wait .. how can this guy be so stupid to write crap like that ?? Is that what you think ??

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    1. Thank you Puneet. This one was a random thought. I started writing about an unfinished love and ended up writing about a miscarriage. Isn’t it magic how you think you’re the one playing with words but somehow they overpower you and you end up being played by them.

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  1. Beautifully said. Going through a miscarriage is the worst for a woman. I’ve been there and remember how I hated mothers screaming at their children while I was longing for my lost one, I remember how I wanted to end it all. You managed to put something so painful in such beautiful words

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    1. Oh I’m really sorry for your loss. The words just came to my mind and I wrote this piece although I haven’t actually gone through anything like that but still I can feel your pain. I just hope that God blesses you and you can feel the joy of being a mother again and I’m sure you’ll be a very good mother because you know the value of something that others take for granted. Stay blessed and stay happy.

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