Don’t Judge

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Don’t judge her by her clothes.

Don’t judge her by the time she comes back home.

Don’t judge her by the language she speaks.

Don’t judge her by the color of her hair streaks.

Don’t judge her if she’s going out with boys.

Don’t judge her because it’s her choice.

Don’t judge her if she parties till late.

Don’t think she doesn’t have anyone one who’ll wait.

Don’t judge her by her choice of friends.

Just because you don’t like her, she won’t make amends.

She’s a woman, a goddess, a mother,

She’s a warrior and also a lover.

Respect her for who she is

She’s not scared of your lustful squiz.

To all the men and women, do not judge another woman by the clothes she wears or if her makeup is too loud or if she’s partying out with boys till late. Just because her lifestyle is not “according to your standards” doesn’t mean she’s wrong or she doesn’t deserve respect. By the way who gave you the authority to determine how she should live and behave. Respect her for the person she is. Don’t degrade her because of the choices she’s making. Stand together and change the world because your criticism won’t change the length of her skirt.



33 thoughts on “Don’t Judge

  1. speaking to the choir to me. it is hard not to have harsh evaluation of someone who present themselves not meeting what your idea is/should be. we forget they are unique and just because they dont meet our ideals we have hars views of them. when looking for a companion, one should keep a very open mind for that person that is outside the box just may be the right person.

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  2. Well that’s good not to judge by their dresses bt a person using party wear in an official meet is needed to be informed of her unawareness the world’s turning worses u can never blame others in today’s scenario

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