Treacherous Soul

Image result for art showing bleeding heart

Take the dagger and tear me apart

 and then take my perplexed heart.

Burn it while it’s still beating

then spread the ashes in the Nile.

Free me of this fickle heart.

Pour my blood into the wine glass

let your devils have a taste of me.

Put my flesh covered bones out in the sun

let your scavenger fingers feed on them.

Give me pain and take my life

free me of this thankless body.

Throw me in your shallow words

watch me while I shatter on your lustful platter.

If this is what gives you relief 

then take it all my love and free your treacherous soul.


15 thoughts on “Treacherous Soul

    1. Thank you and sometimes you’re just lost in your thoughts and all of a sudden words start popping in your head and soon they become sentences and you want to pen them down before they get lost somewhere inside your head.

      Liked by 1 person

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