Sandwich Part 2

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Okay, so the title tells the obvious. This is the second part of Sandwich, a post I wrote a few days ago. I actually merged two posts here, i.e. today’s daily prompt zing and the second part of sandwich. Some of you asked me to describe the characters a little more. So here’s this one because you asked for it.

Jake had it all since day one. He was born with a silver spoon. His father, a wealthy businessman, fulfilled each and every demand of his only child. His mother, a PhD in psychology was a housewife and a full time mother to her only child. They both made sure their son never had to go through any hardship in life. He was home schooled by the best teachers, for his parents feared he might get into bad company . He later went to one of the best universities and came out as an investment banker. He was the type who got Ferrari as a Christmas present. His parents made sure they groomed their son to become an ideal gentleman, the one you read about in fairy tales and drool over. He had the habit of getting everything very easily. Life, to him was more like business transactions and money than emotions. Because his parents kept him away from all the emotional stuff. To them, emotions were nothing but wastage of time and were not meant for successful people. They wanted their son to be an epitome of perfection and success. And that’s exactly what they made him, a mannequin filled with perfections.

But for Ryan, life was never a bed of roses. God must have been punishing him for his past life’s sins, because his life was just the opposite of Jake’s perfect fairy tale. He was born in a broken home, to parents who could barely stand the sight of one another. Why did they have to bring a child into this world? Just to ruin one more innocent life? This is what he mostly thought to himself. His childhood was nothing less than a nightmare, his house was a war zone, except that the war never ended here, only the life of his father did. His father committed suicide when he was only 15, leaving him and his mother in a whole lot of debt. He didn’t have the money to pay for the mortgage and his son’s school fee was always behind schedule. He neither had money nor plan to get himself out of debt, so, he looked out for an escape plan and this was his escape. Ryan’s life was full of emotional disturbances but he had a charm that always added a zing wherever he went. No one ever saw a frown on his face, let alone tears or sorrow, for he was always smiling. No one, but Emily, for she was his best friend, his childhood friend. Who knew he would someday fall in love with her. But maybe he knew it all along. She was a breath of fresh air in his horrible life. With her around, he could be himself and she could tell it all just by the look in his eyes. She could tell what he was going through. She could tell whether he needed a hug or a friendly punch.

But life was not easy for Ryan. His charming personality was not sufficient to get him a decent job. He dropped out of high school to do extra jobs to pay for the mortgage. But life couldn’t get worse for him. A few months after he dropped out of school, his mother passed away. Apparently she had a heart attack. The alcohol took her life, just like his father said it would. No parents, lots of debt, no career, two jobs that weren’t enough to pay the debt his father had left him and a rich mannequin trying to steal the only light in his life, the girl who meant the world to him.

to be continued…

P.S. I’ll be writing the other part soon, which probably would be the end of this story.


12 thoughts on “Sandwich Part 2

  1. Your writing is fluid and accessible. Keep it up! Want to encourage you to build complexity into your characters – give the reader something unexpected (Jake’s achilles heel or Ryan’s redeeming quality). It hooks your audience and leaves them wondering where you’ll take ’em next 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much. I would have never written a second part of it if it wasn’t for you and another fellow blogger. So kudos to you for making me write that and yeah I’m trying to add some drama into their lives but at this point I don’t even know where the story will go. So let’s see.

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  2. Keep going am expecting a twist with a new character popping in.. but I believe that we can’t select a perfect partner (like selecting some gadgets checking it’s specs) what we can do is make a perfect relationship

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