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It was a cold winter night. Her whole life was turning upside down. She was 23, with a messed up life, job that sucked and didn’t pay much, no money to pay bills and a whole lot of debt. But life isn’t that unfair after all, she thought sitting in her bed, looking out her window at the street dressed with white snow. “Everyone has someone to take care of them, to love them in their bad times. And in my case, I’m lucky enough to have more than one person. Jake and Ryan both love me with all their heart. But I don’t even know who am I supposed to be with. I guess, I’m not that lucky after all.”, she thought to herself and begged her mind to let her sleep.

Jake was an Investment banker, a rich guy who had it all. What he didn’t have was the personality and charm that Ryan had. Ryan on the other hand, was a struggling artist, talented, smart and charming. But Ryan was, like I said, a struggling artist, with no job and a mortgage to pay for.

There was no doubt that both of them loved her immensely. Ryan was her childhood friend and she had met Jake, 2 years ago through a common friend. But who did she love? Is it possible to love more than one person at the same time? Is it possible to feel the same way about two guys at the same time? What was she supposed to do? She could marry Jake because she loved him and all her financial problems would also be solved. But he wasn’t charming enough. On the other hand, she could marry Ryan whom she loved as much as she loved Jake and add on to her financial problems. With Jake she would have a beautiful, comfortable and luxurious life whereas with Ryan her whole life would be a struggle between survival and earning enough to pay off debts. But she loved both of them.

A week ago Ryan had proposed her, he got down on his knees gave her a rose with a promise of a beautiful ring on their wedding. Last night, Jake proposed her in an expensive restaurant with elaborate details, and an expensive ring. Her whole life was a mess. it seemed like the whole universe was playing tricks with her. Even her friends had chosen sides. Some said, marry Jake you’ll live like a queen while the others said marry Ryan he’s handsome and he’ll keep you happy. Her conscience was a sandwich between her head and her heart.

Can you help her out? Who do you think she should marry and why?
P.S. The concept of this story was my Mom’s idea.


32 thoughts on “Sandwich

  1. She should marry neither of them! 😳 money doesn’t buy you happiness and the lack of ambition and ability to succeed is not good either. She needs to get a debt plan in place and take a second job 😐 empower the woman she does not need a man to solve her problems 😉

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  2. She needs to search her heart very well, if she’s doubting her future and feelings with the two of them, then I think she doesn’t love any of them enough to be able to pull through the challenges that would show up in the marriage. There will always be a reason why she married one of them and once it disappears, she will be left with nothing to hang onto in the marriage. That’s my opinion😊

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  3. Okay, so I want to get to know these guys a little better. Take me on one of your dates – show me how Ryan’s creative mind works and how he treats you. Push past the stereotype of Jake’s wealth and let’s see whether he has enough character to love you ahead of himself. Give yourself permission to build out this angst and take it to its natural conclusion. I’d be inclined to devote my attention to one candidate at a time – a long, luxurious paragraph for each of them that takes a deep dive into action and emotion before rendering any conclusions … but that’s just me 🙂

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  4. Nice Portrayal! Now, can we love so many at a time, of course, we can, but, when it comes to soulmates, that love is one and only (UNIQUE), now the inviting your attention to these facts,

    1. what is the guarantee that investment banker remains in his job forever, anything can happen.
    2.likewise, what if the artist gets the break through of a lifetime.

    so bottom line, not the financial status, but that emotional connects what really matters!!

    Keep sharing!


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  5. Congrats to your mom first of all…
    A real story:
    During the period when Bill Clinton was the president of USA, bill and Hilary Clinton travelled in a car, they went to a petrol bunk and filled the tank, where Hilary saw her old friend as employee of the petrol bunk.. they spoke for some time..after some time they left the bunk, bill laughed and said to Hilary: ” just thought how it would be if you would have married the petrol bunk employee …you too would have been here in that bunk..”..

    Hilary Clinton replied:
    ” Wrong. If I married him, he would have become president of USA, you will be seen there…in that petrol bunk…
    Hilary had that much of self confidence…if the unnamed character you referred to as “she” had that much confidence, tell her to marry Ryan..if not then go with jake

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  6. I think the decision is easy to make. First thing: Take note that you will never find a man who is perfect; who is 100% in all aspects. He’ll have some strengths and some weaknesses. He’ll have certain attitudes or behaviors you like and others you won’t. If they do not show up before marriage, they will after marriage. Therefore you have to do with some imperfections. Mind you that the two guys love you and each is willing to marry you despite your own imperfections. Therefore imperfections eliminated.
    Second point: you say you love both guys. Your worry is that the one with the cash does not have a powerful personality while the poor fellow has. What has personality got to do so long as you love the guy. Of course, with your help he could develop stronger personality traits. But you can’t be sure you will be able to come out of your poverty if you go for the poor fellow. Take note that money is important in marriage. Many marriages break up because lack of money brings problems. But of course, with a great personality, he could find his way and become rich.
    To me you are not marrying money but choosing between two people you love; one has money which is an absolute necessity in life and the other does not and may never. Isn’t it clear what you should do? But again, deep in your heart you are tilted to one. That maybe where God wants you to go.

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  7. Seems to me her conscience is in an uncomfortable place. I agree with roselaineblog: she shouldn’t marry either man. So long as she’s torn between two, she hasn’t found the man to be her husband. When she does find him, she will know. But I hope she will move on from assuming that marriage will solve her financial problems: isn’t she a sufficiently modern young woman to realize that’s her responsibility?

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  8. That’s cool your mom participated. My mom doesn’t even know I write, haha! Anyhow, I would like to read a little bit more about the boys characteristics and how she feels when with each. A bit more of the emotions need to come out. Thought, nice concept!

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