The Goodbye

Image result for grave

She had never spoken a word

not in her entire life

But he always knew what she needed

just by the look in her eyes

It was a beauty to watch them communicate

The elegance with which he handled her

to him, she meant more than the world

They both had one another

It was the pure love of a sister and her brother

And the night she died of leukemia

he put on an elegant suit,

the one she loved the most

Not once did he leave her cold hand

his eyes transfixed

A goodbye was not far away

but how could he let go,

of the only relation he had

He stood still and watched the grave

while people mourned and prayed

He lowered her into the abyss

with a hope they’ll meet again.

P.S. I just seem to be overly obsessed with the word abyss. I guess I’ll write a post on it pretty soon.


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