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When you’re not here

the world seems different

I feel that nothing is settled

When you’re not here

I’m in a constant battle

between my head and my heart

It all seems to be falling apart

When you’re not here

You’re absence is something I talk to

I put my heart out and cry

I burn cigarettes and make the ashes fly

When you’re not here

There’s  a pain I can’t explain

your absence is a demon without a soul

It’s messing with my head I’m losing control

When you’re not here

I stare at the walls of your empty promises and lies

I replay our conversations, then put them back into grave

I wonder if it was ever meant to go this way

Maybe I should have known better and its such a shame.





21 thoughts on “Absence

      1. I said that “I can not stand the lack of someone dear to me”
        I use google traduction to read other blogs in other languages
        I wrote to you in french


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