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There’s a twinkle in a mother’s eyes

even though she has worked so hard day and night

just to give her daughter a better life

she’s a warrior who knows how to survive

even when she knows they think she isn’t sufficient enough

but she’s the one there for you when the going gets tough

you don’t care, you say you don’t have time

for you, she turned her whole life into a grime

she needs to be celebrated and she deserves your love

she’s caught in life’s claws, she’s beautiful than a dove

go tell her there’s nothing in this world that’s as amazing as her.

P.S. This is dedicated to all the Mothers out there because woman you deserve the best of everything. because it’s a mother who can move the mountains and flood the deserts. Her love is so unconditional and so powerful. Respect her, Love her, Worship her.


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