Eclipse of your love


A thousand memories running through my mind

A million years since I last saw your face.

Several pages of my life are left blank

Ink stains are still on your coffee table.

My mind plays games with my heart

Games, my heart doesn’t know.

Haven’t seen you in a while

And the rain’s pouring outside

A thought is whispered in my mind

And my heart plays a melancholy song.

Don’t know if I’ll survive the night

But I sure can try it one more time

One more time like every time I tell myself I will be fine.

But fine is something I don’t even know the meaning of.

Waiting for a goodbye that I know will never come

Even when my grave is dug and I’m lowered into abyss

An abyss from which I hope I never return yet where I’m scared to be.

Because you’re the Eclipse I could never escape and now it’s killing me.

P.S. This picture was taken by me.



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