The rose shriveled

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That rose, the one they had planted in her backyard, shriveled up.

They had been childhood friends, such close friends that everyone said they were inseparable. They promised one another they would stay together, forever. Forever, a dangerous abyss. But how were they supposed to know, they were young and naive. How were they supposed to know that forever is just an unfathomable lie. How were they supposed to know what was awaiting them, outside their walls of innocence. They were young.

5 years ago, on her birthday, he bought her a rose plant. He said, ” I know you love roses, so I brought you a plant, not just a flower. Let’s plant this in your backyard. This plant will be the symbol of our friendship”. Days, weeks, months and years passed and they always took care of the plant. After all, it was the symbol of their unconditional love for one another.

It was the final term, the end of their high school. They already had plans for their future. He wanted to be an artist so he had already applied to the best art schools across the country and abroad. But he never thought he would actually get into one of them. She wanted to be a teacher, mostly because she didn’t want to leave her town. She knew she would go to the college in their town and after graduating she would teach the underprivileged kids in their town. Social work, that was her future. Both of them knew they would  stay in their hometown ‘forever’. Well, at least that’s what she thought. School was over. They were just awaiting their result now. Everyday was just the same, until one day, when he got an offer letter from an art school he had applied to, in another country. It was one of the best art schools. But he never thought he would actually be accepted there.

He was terrified to break the news to her. But he knew he had to go. He could no longer stay there. He had made the decision. But how could he look into her eyes and tell her that he was leaving. He didn’t have the courage to break her heart. But, thanks to the whispers on the street, she already knew it. She prayed day and night that he would change his mind. She was terrified of the idea of him leaving. But some things are just inevitable.

He had packed his bags. His flight was leaving in a few hours. On his way to the airport, he stopped in front of her house. He knew he couldn’t face her but he could no longer stay. So, he left a note on the front door of her house, knocked the door and left. She opened the door and all she saw was a paper lying on the floor. On it was written ‘goodbye’. Something shriveled inside her.

The rose they had planted together 5 years ago, shriveled up that day.


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