Don’t shiver

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Life is not a bed of roses. Whoever said this had definitely experienced a fair amount of highs and lows in his life. We all, not just some of us but we all wish for a happy and peaceful life. Well I guess I consider myself a little out of place on this one and perhaps you would think of me as a schizophrenic because I don’t wish for a peaceful life. What I wish for is a content life. I wish for a life full of experiences- good and bad, the ones that take me to the extremes. I wanna cry like a heartbroken lover. I wanna laugh like a 4 year old kid. I want to taste defeat and have my share of successes. I wanna scream and celebrate like a happy bride and I also want to live in solitude like a monk.

But is there something I don’t want? Yeah I don’t wanna shiver. I don’t want to tremble when life throws me curve-balls. I want to stand tall, put myself together, gather whatever strength I have and face whatever challenge life puts me through.

This one is for all of you out there. Don’t you shiver. No matter what situation life puts you in, just don’t be scared. Face it with all your strength and courage. Even if you face defeat, embrace it, just dont shiver. You’re not in this alone.Shiver


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