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I’m not an expert on life, love, relationships or on anything else for that matter and i don’t feel the need to be one. I don’t think anyone can ever be an expert on anything, but mind you I’m not talking about science and maths and all those calculations here. I’m talking about human emotions, the way we live our lives or the things we believe in. No one can be an expert on that. Now, a lot of you would say that I talk too much about emotions, well those emotions are the basic things, they are what we experience in our day to day life, whether that’s joy, sorrow, anger, jealousy or the more delirious one, depression. Einstein discovered the concept of gravity but could he ever understand or define any of our emotions. Well I don’t think so. Even the best psychologists or psychiatrists cannot completely give one definition that covers everything about our emotions. The dictionaries did try, but even they are not experts on our emotions. Well, then who is an expert on things like these? Who are we supposed to ask about our emotions? Well, according to me, it’s you. When you are experiencing an emotion, only you can truly understand what you are going through in that moment. You might not be an expert on understanding what you are going through but in that moment no one can understand it better than you.Expert


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