It’s not a big deal. You’re just over reacting, girl. This is 21st century and stuff like this happens. You need to forgive him and move on. He’s a great guy, the one you would never find again. So don’t let this little thing ruin your relationship.”

She read the text for a hundredth time. It was from a friend of hers. But how could she let it go. She had found her fiance cheating on her. 17 years- that’s how long she had known him. But now, in this moment, he was a complete stranger to her. Thousands of thoughts were running through her mind. Every minute her phone was filled with a dozen texts. But she was sitting still, she could not move herself. Those 17 years together, now seemed like an illusion. Was she not good enough for him? She tried to fight her tears back but maybe today was not her day. Her life which seemed perfect until a few hours ago, was now miserable. Her dream like future with him had turned into a nightmare. Her emotions were all over the place, her dreams shattered. How could she just let go and move on with him after she had caught him cheating? Was it that easy to tell someone you love them and then break their trust? Did love and cheating go hand in hand? 

It was a cold winter night and it was raining outside. She never liked the rain. To her rain was a symbol of pain and sorrow. She had to take the most crucial decision of her life, whether to stay with him or to free herself of this nightmare forever. Hours went by, as if they had ever waited for anyone. It was midnight now and the rain had still not stopped. Her tears had run dry by now, her mind, numb. She read that text again. Indeed, she might never find a guy like him again. But did she really want a guy like him, a cheater?  It was a tough decision but she had to do it. She remembered her mother had once told her,” never compromise on your dreams”. She thought about it for a while. Maybe it was the time for her to leave those 17 years behind her. She got up, packed her bags and left their apartment. It was drizzling outside and now she was walking down the street. She felt a different kind of relief, a weird sense of  freedom. Rain was not so depressing after all.

Never give in to your temptations. As easy and tempting as it might look, never go for the wrong way. When people look for the easy ways to do things, when they give into their temptations rather easily, that’s when cheating becomes a habit. but their doing it the easy way sometimes ruins someone else’s life.



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