Write your own story

And the old man said, ” Son, you and only you can write your own story, so write it well. Make every moment and every decision count. Don’t be intimidated by your fears rather conquer them. Don’t be scared of failures, they are just stepping stones. Make as many mistakes as you can ’cause son you live only once. So leave nothing unsaid so that when you are lying on your deathbed like me, you know that your happiness weighs more than your sorrows and your lessons more than your mistakes. And that’s when you know you’ve lived a good life.”
And there was silence for a moment and they stared at one another for what seemed like eternity.
And then the kid finally broke the silence, ” but how am I supposed to write my own story when they say that everything’s already written? How am I supposed to change anything when everything’s already been decided for us? ”
The old man laughed and said, “that’s what the cowards say when they have no one else left to blame for their circumstances. But you, my son, don’t be a coward. Fight, till there’s air in your lungs. And fight more till you breathe your last breath.”
Gagan khaira

gagan khaira


2 thoughts on “Write your own story

  1. Even though it can be said our path is written for us, We still have free will. This can take us off our true paths for a while, which is great because although it can be painful it teaches us lessons. Some people grow from their mistakes and others don’t and go on making more and more mistakes. That is pain!


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