She’s Fierce

Image result for rupi kaur our bodies are 60 percent water we cant be broken any more than an ocean

She’s fiercer than the wind

She’s stronger than the storms

She rises from the ashes

From her great warriors are born

the world admires her beauty

her strength is envied by the world

her soul is as pure as the fire

her mind calmer than the water

She’s among us and she’s you

P.S.- This is to all the women out there. believe in yourself. You are strong enough to handle anything and everything. And in the words of Rupi Kaur, “Women like you drown oceans”.



Watch what you wish for!!

It’s human nature to like people who have more virtues and dislike those who have none. Okay, this one here’s a little cliché but it’s true that we love the people we love because of who they are and not because of their virtues but we do dislike a lot of people for their vices. So, I’d like you to read the quote written below slowly.
” The problem with people who have no vices is that generally you can be pretty sure they’re going to have some pretty annoying virtues.”
Elizabeth Taylor
I didn’t believe in this until a few years ago. We don’t usually pick our friends and we don’t usually choose who we fall in love with as well. But some of us or may be most of us do wish to fall in love with someone who is a really good person or in short someone who has the least or no vices at all. Now I would like you to reread Elizabeth Taylor’s quote. And I would like to repeat that I didn’t believe in it until a few years ago. Why? Because I had not met someone who had no vices or someone whose virtues were pretty annoying or maybe I never paid much attention. So a few years ago, I met a wonderful person who is now a friend. He’s someone most girls would die for because he literally has no vices and I found that pretty amazing but when I got to know him better, I wished for the opposite. I would rather be with a person who had some vices than someone like this friend of mine. I guess you would have figured out the reason by now.
So, next time when you make a wish watch what you wish for!

gagan khaira

Expertise on emotions

Image result for expert on emotions

I’m not an expert on life, love, relationships or on anything else for that matter and i don’t feel the need to be one. I don’t think anyone can ever be an expert on anything, but mind you I’m not talking about science and maths and all those calculations here. I’m talking about human emotions, the way we live our lives or the things we believe in. No one can be an expert on that. Now, a lot of you would say that I talk too much about emotions, well those emotions are the basic things, they are what we experience in our day to day life, whether that’s joy, sorrow, anger, jealousy or the more delirious one, depression. Einstein discovered the concept of gravity but could he ever understand or define any of our emotions. Well I don’t think so. Even the best psychologists or psychiatrists cannot completely give one definition that covers everything about our emotions. The dictionaries did try, but even they are not experts on our emotions. Well, then who is an expert on things like these? Who are we supposed to ask about our emotions? Well, according to me, it’s you. When you are experiencing an emotion, only you can truly understand what you are going through in that moment. You might not be an expert on understanding what you are going through but in that moment no one can understand it better than you.Expert

Beauty in destruction


She destroyed in the most wrecking way possible. I would not dare call it beautiful. Beauty lies in her but not in the way she destroyed. Because the word ‘destruction’ doesn’t explain everything. There were tears. Hole in her heart. She couldn’t breathe even when her mouth tried to fill air in her lungs. Her lungs failed to cooperate with her, especially when she saw you. Her heart was tearing apart, shrieking, yelling yet she couldn’t manage to say it out loud. That’s what love can do, and so much more. Because she wasn’t left unloved, she was betrayed. Love destroys people beautifully. But betrayal tears them in the most wrecking way possible and there is not much left to collect after you are wrecked.

gagan khaira


It’s not a big deal. You’re just over reacting, girl. This is 21st century and stuff like this happens. You need to forgive him and move on. He’s a great guy, the one you would never find again. So don’t let this little thing ruin your relationship.”

She read the text for a hundredth time. It was from a friend of hers. But how could she let it go. She had found her fiance cheating on her. 17 years- that’s how long she had known him. But now, in this moment, he was a complete stranger to her. Thousands of thoughts were running through her mind. Every minute her phone was filled with a dozen texts. But she was sitting still, she could not move herself. Those 17 years together, now seemed like an illusion. Was she not good enough for him? She tried to fight her tears back but maybe today was not her day. Her life which seemed perfect until a few hours ago, was now miserable. Her dream like future with him had turned into a nightmare. Her emotions were all over the place, her dreams shattered. How could she just let go and move on with him after she had caught him cheating? Was it that easy to tell someone you love them and then break their trust? Did love and cheating go hand in hand? 

It was a cold winter night and it was raining outside. She never liked the rain. To her rain was a symbol of pain and sorrow. She had to take the most crucial decision of her life, whether to stay with him or to free herself of this nightmare forever. Hours went by, as if they had ever waited for anyone. It was midnight now and the rain had still not stopped. Her tears had run dry by now, her mind, numb. She read that text again. Indeed, she might never find a guy like him again. But did she really want a guy like him, a cheater?  It was a tough decision but she had to do it. She remembered her mother had once told her,” never compromise on your dreams”. She thought about it for a while. Maybe it was the time for her to leave those 17 years behind her. She got up, packed her bags and left their apartment. It was drizzling outside and now she was walking down the street. She felt a different kind of relief, a weird sense of  freedom. Rain was not so depressing after all.

Never give in to your temptations. As easy and tempting as it might look, never go for the wrong way. When people look for the easy ways to do things, when they give into their temptations rather easily, that’s when cheating becomes a habit. but their doing it the easy way sometimes ruins someone else’s life.



I don’t believe in regrets. They’re useless because they keep pulling you into the past. As cliché as it might sound, I don’t have any regrets but I have made a fair amount of mistakes in my life. I stumble and I fail at things and I believe that’s what life is all about- making mistakes and learning from them.  My mistakes are my stepping stones, and as philosophical as it might seem, I value my mistakes, I take pride in them. There are people who learn from others’ mistakes but I belive in falling down and learning my lesson. I think that’s the beauty of it because only you truly know how it felt and how you suffered because of your mistake so only you know the true value of the lesson you learned. So make as many mistakes as you can, whether it’s failing at an exam or falling in love with the wrong person, messing up your own life, lying to a friend, choosing the wrong career or whatever. No matter how big your mistake is, own it because it’s a part of who you are and you wouldn’t have known or valued a better thing in your life if it wasn’t for the mistakes you made. So wear your mistakes on your sleeves and take pride in them, for they taught you the value of better things in life. Lastly here’s a quote which I think says it all.
Boris Pasternak said,

“I don’t like people who have never fallen or stumbled. Their virtue is lifeless and it isn’t of much value. Life hasn’t revealed it’s beauty to them.”


gagan khaira Mistake

Write your own story

And the old man said, ” Son, you and only you can write your own story, so write it well. Make every moment and every decision count. Don’t be intimidated by your fears rather conquer them. Don’t be scared of failures, they are just stepping stones. Make as many mistakes as you can ’cause son you live only once. So leave nothing unsaid so that when you are lying on your deathbed like me, you know that your happiness weighs more than your sorrows and your lessons more than your mistakes. And that’s when you know you’ve lived a good life.”
And there was silence for a moment and they stared at one another for what seemed like eternity.
And then the kid finally broke the silence, ” but how am I supposed to write my own story when they say that everything’s already written? How am I supposed to change anything when everything’s already been decided for us? ”
The old man laughed and said, “that’s what the cowards say when they have no one else left to blame for their circumstances. But you, my son, don’t be a coward. Fight, till there’s air in your lungs. And fight more till you breathe your last breath.”
Gagan khaira

gagan khaira

You’re gone and what’s left behind is a deafening silence.
This world seems like a stranger
The empty skies and the galaxies galore
The moon no longer talks to me
Winds don’t blow in my face anymore
And Sun no longer kisses my face
Universe turned a blind eye to me
There’s nothing but never ending empty space
Nothing makes sense
But how can something that felt so right could also feel so wrong at the same time?
But my heart defies any logic given by the wight
And your absence is the truth I’m scared to face.
I try to talk some sense into myself
But then I think
What if love was nothing but a beautiful tragedy
What if it was only meant to shatter us like the storm shatters the city it passes through.

gagan khaira