Memories and age!!

That’s the thing with memories and age, they just don’t get along very well with one another. Age is not just numbers they’re seconds, minutes, hours, days and months spent trying to gather memories and keeping them safe in your heart. But the irony is, the older you get and the more you try to preserve those memories, the more they start to fade away. With the passage of time your brain starts playing tricks with you and you can’t remember the events exactly the way they were. You start mixing up those memories. And then there comes a time when you can barely remember the old times. You get flashbacks of memories like peices of puzzle, one at a time. Until one day, when you hold your head between your hands and you start pulling your hair because you can’t recall the sound of his voice, his eyes, the way he looked at you and smiled. Now you try hard to remember something, anything, a small fraction of some memory stolen from time but you can’t. You just can’t recall’s blank. Because that’s the thing with memories and age, they don’t get along very well.
–Gagan khaira


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